A Message To Our Loyal Customers….

We are sorry to inform you that PNW Crafts will no longer be a part of the Kitsap Local Market at the Silverdale Mall on Friday afternoons. After trying to negotiate with the market manager, we have been informed that we are no longer welcome due to the large amount of product we bring to sell to our customers. We are negotiating with other parties to return to the mall in some capacity shortly, but we will no longer be a part of the Kitsap Local Market.

Please keep your eye on our website (PNWCrafts.com) and Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/PNWcraft) for any new developments. And, as always, if you wish to contact Bill or Polly directly you may do so through our website, Facebook, or via email at info@pnwcrafts.com.

Thank you for your support as we continue to work at bringing you great products at a fair price.

Polly and Bill

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