We need your help!

Hello everyone. PNW Crafts is striving to bring you the best paper crafting supplies on the market. We need your help with this. While we can’t carry everything, we would like to know what you, our customers, would like to see us add to our store. If there is a certain manufacturer/designer/company that you love please let us know. If there are specific items you would like to see us carry we would like to know that too. If there are enough people wanting the same/like items we will do our best to add them to our offerings. You can either post your ideas here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or in an email sent to info@pnwcrafts.com

As always, we are also happy to take your special orders for items you may want or need. All you have to do is email us at info@pnswcrafts.com and let us see if we can get your item.

We thank you for your time and help!

Polly and Bill

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