A word about Last Chance/Clearance Section, Shipping, and a new section coming soon…

Just a word about our Last Chance/Clearance section of the store. I have just lowered some prices on a few things. The listing time on many of these items is about ready to expire in a week or two. When they expire they will not be re-listed again for sale. So what am I saying? If you see something in the last chance/clearance section get it before it is gone! I will soon be adding more items to this section of the store so keep a watch.

I am still working on changing all my items in my store over to the calculated shipping system that is new on Etsy. It is a big job so please bear with me. I hope, in the end, the s/h will be a lot more fair for everyone and it will alleviate some of the massive amounts of refunds I do each week for S/H overages. 🙂 This is a new system for Etsy and I don’t doubt that there may be some “kinks” to begin with. If you have questions about s/h don’t hesitate to contact me.

I will be starting a new section soon that will be a sale section. I will pick items from my shop and move them to this section with temporary price reductions lasting for 1 week only or until they are sold out (whichever comes first). There will be no special orders or rainchecks on these items if they sell out. First come first served! New sale items will be posted on Tuesdays beginning May 5th.

In other news, I just placed an order for a few more Tattered Lace Dies, many of the sold out Sue Wilson dies, and some beautiful new rose dies from Tessler. I expect them to arrive sometime next week. Also hoping to have replenished the Tim Hotz newer stamps soon. These are so hard to get -backordered everywhere- especially the Crazy Birds set.

There are other goodies coming soon too like the Sizzix Ink Sheets and Pads (I have the whole kit on order too, but they are backordered). If you haven’t seen these in action it is amazing. You can use any die or embossing folder and basically “stamp” the image onto paper. Check out this video from CHA…

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