A Custom Woodworking Project

I recently had occasion to make a doll bed and table for a customer.  While they are not a regular item in our store they can be custom ordered if desired.  They are designed from pictures in the book “A is for Annabelle” by Tasha Tudor, and are scaled to fit the 13-14″ Annabelle doll.  The bed is about 10″x8″x16″ and the table is about 9″x9″x3-1/2″.  These two are made from Cocobolo, an exotic wood from Central America.

Annabelle Doll BedIMG_20150514_162715IMG_20150605_135154IMG_20150605_135110

The Cocobolo bed sold for $225 (no mattress or bedding) and the table for $75.  If you are interested in ordering these (or something similar) or know someone who may be, please contact us.  They would take 2-3 weeks to build.  Actual prices would vary depending upon the wood used (cocobolo, walnut, oak, fir, etc.)

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