Coming Soon…..Stampaholic Stamping Tool!!!

Similar to another well known stamping tool, the Stampaholic will make stamping accurately so much easier!
I have 8 of the original size on order and expect them in early May. They will retail for $59.99. I did not order the Nano version, but if you are interested in it drop me a line. If there is enough interest I will take pre-orders and order them in too.

Please watch this video to see how this amazing tool works!

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon…..Stampaholic Stamping Tool!!!

    1. Hi Jo,

      These have not arrived yet, so I don’t know how much they weigh in order to tell you how much shipping will be. I am guessing in the $8-$10 range for USA delivery, but that is just a guess.
      Please watch here or my Facebook page for announcement of their arrival and a link to their listing in my store where it will tell you the shipping charges to your location.



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