News About Shipping Internationally and Within the States

With Covid-19 still running its course we are seeing significant shipping delays from our vendors and to our customers.

We have mad the decision to temporarily suspend INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING as in some cases it is taking months to reach its destination. As soon as things get back to normal we will reinstate international shippping. Please keep a watch for updates.

Shipping within the USA will continue, but please be aware that slowdowns are possible even within the USA. I chatted with a postmaster the other day and they are seeing increased amounts of mail (more like Christmas time) and there are slowdowns at several hubs with COVID-19 taking its tole on postal workers AND having to shut down to disinfect the hubs in certain instances. Also with reduced flights by the airlines there is not as much cargo space on those planes to move everything in a timely manner.

Rest assured that PNW Crafts is still shipping same or next business day. We want to get your goodies to you as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your patience in these unprecedented times.

Stay Safe…
Polly and Bill

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